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Char 787.

My name is Charlie and I have a YouTube Channel called Char 787! As of March 2019, I have 111 subsrcibers. Thats a palindrome! I upload a variety of types of videos on my channel. I have skiing, camping, minecraft, card trick, trip report, gaming, compilation, scary, livestream, drama, challenge, trickshot, math, and more types of videos! My channel is good for almost any type of audience! Below I will talk about the types of videos I have, and list some of my best videos and highlights of my channel! Have fun exploring my website!

Char 787

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My Profile Picture - An airplane landing at a runway!

Char 787 is an epic YouTube Channel with 111 subscribers as of March 2019. The channel was created on Janurary 4th, 2017!

My Objective is to create fun videos, to entertain my viewers, and to create a positive community within my subscribers. - Char 787

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Types of Videos!


The Char 787 YouTube channel has lots of gaming videos, especially the game Minecraft. He has multiple Minecraft survival series, including, from first created to last, Survival Let's Play, Hardcore Survival, and Adventure Series! My minecraft videos are always entertaining, funny, and sometimes scary!

Check out one of my Minecraft videos to the right! I upload quality content. Subscribing is appreciated!

Char 787


I upload many very intense, exhilarating, and fun skiing videos! I have a passion for skiing. It is my favourite sport. I am really good at skiing, well beyond the blacks at most ski Ontario ski resorts. I am now into skiing glades and windows, which are extremely fun for me! I have many skiing videos at a variety of ski locations.

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Trip Report

I have a deep passion for subjects like Math! I like learning about complex things. Math is my favourite topic not just to learn about, but to do. I love learning how to derive formulas, cool tricks for fast calculations, applying them to problems and questions, and more!

I often try out some math problems on my spare time. I find my knowledge useful when dealing with problems in the real world. Check out my page about my passion for math!



I like and have taken a variety of cool pictures. I enjoy using cameras to capture bedautiful moments in my life. I've taken cool pictures of plants, animals, landscapes, scenery, nature, mountains, and more!

Go check out my page about my liking of photography! On there I have some of my best pictures.


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Char 787


Check out the page about my passion for Math! You'll find some of my math work, some cool games and practices, and more!



Check out the page all about my liking for Photography! You'll find some of my best pictures, some talk about my passion, and more!

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